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Meet local author Jerol Anderson on Nov. 10

Book World welcomes local author Jerol Anderson to the store for a book signing event from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Anderson, a Dane County resident, is the author of a number of titles, including “A Lake Koshkonong Tale” and also the “Jessica Tyson” mystery series.

About ‘A Lake Koshkonong Tale’

A Lake Koshkonong TaleSomething has shattered the spirit of the people on the shores of Lake Koshkonong. Eric Redfeather, returning from the Reservation to make a new home and Jenna Taylor, pastor of the local church, delve into the dark history that created the community’s emotional prison. If only they can find the key.

They meet new neighbors and learn of Eric’s Native American mother, Carissa, adopted by a gangland couple from Chicago, the threat of a ‘hit’ put out on Carissa and Eric when he was born, and the role the Lake Koshkonong church played in a cover-up, causing members to become suspicious and reclusive.

With the stories of his heritage, Eric wins the hearts of the children and the community. And, through his and Jenna’s love for one another, they are able to bring her flock back to the church, filled with forgiveness.

About the author

Jerol AndersonWhen not writing, Jerol shares her time with her husband, “The Critique King,” two lovely daughters and their families (yes, grandchildren), another stepdaughter and stepson and their families (yes, grandchildren), and a bird named Tonto.

She has Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Biology. Also enough credits for the Chemistry Degree, but a triple major wasn’t allowed. All those science years are of yet another lifetime. They come in handy when crafting a mystery chocked with medical and forensic info.