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Meet author Linda Romblom on March 9

Book World welcomes local author Linda Romblom for a book-signing event from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. Romblom will sign copies of
her new book “Missing Pots Mystery.” It is her second book and the continuation of her first story.

About the book

Missing Pots Mystery

These tales began years ago as bedtime stories for a little girl who plays the lead role. The Adventures of Princess Isabella—the Leprechaun, a picture storybook, was published in 2017 when Isabella was seven years old. Missing Pots Mystery, a longer chapter book for more mature readers, continues the story.

Isabella is joined by cousins Ava and Ella and her Grammie Linda to help Patrick Dennis Michael O’Shaun figure out how and why pots used for gold at rainbow’s end are missing. With a history of problems from big guns, greedy for leprechaun gold, it took time to earn the trust of the wee folk.

Readers will trill to the beauty of the caves, be challenged by the mystery, and be encouraged by the teamwork it took to piece together all the bits of information and come up with possible theories of what happened. They learn from the leprechaun how not to miss the magic of the moment, whether it be entering through a too small door or catching the twinkle in a loved one’s eye.

Valuable wisdom is gained about how we see and know things. Children will gain insights into what life was like living long ago in a land far away. History and local culture come alive as they participate in an autumn festival and royal ball. The best part is actually doing some of the things the children in the story did.

The appendices at the back of the book include directions and photographs of the real children who inspired the characters of the story, showing how to do a variety of recipes, crafts, and activities. There are also discussion questions and lyrics to a theme song that can be heard online.

About the author

This is the second book to be published by this grandmother, granddaughter duo. It has been a wonderful experience of learning and growing together.

Linda Romblom, is the primary author, with Isabella editing to be sure things are said in a way that her friends will understand. Isabella Walker is the primary illustrator with Grammie Linda helping as they have fun creating together.

Linda has a masters degree in education and over 20 years experience in the classroom. Prior to her recent retirement, she taught Consumer Science to high school students including classes in Child Development.

Her books use foundational principles that enhance cognitive development and creativity in children. More importantly, according to her, “I want these books to be tools that can be used to enhance relationships between children and adults. Children being entertained by technology is fine sometimes, but human interaction is needed, listening and talking and doing together. Kids need role models.”